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Welcome home Headquarters and Bravo Detachment. The past year has been has been challenging, complex at times and difficult. Soldiers have to balance their lives between two main missions:  ensuring that the job gets done and that our family or personal lives are taken care of. Let’s face, the Army isn’t cut out for everyone, but you’ve shown that you can complete the first your missions. Now we have the obstacle of completing the second mission, taking care of your family or readjusting to a personal life you left before you deployed.
Many things can be done to ease back into the swing of things. People will offer up ideas that range from a good old fashion night at the movies with the family or a trip to Manhattan (Aggieville is not the only thing in Manhattan) on a Friday or Saturday night. There are a lot of things to do here in Kansas (*cough *cough) and if you are a mover and a shaker and just need to let your hair hang down you should probably get ahold of Ft Riley’s Leisure and Travel center.
Ft Riley’s Military Leisure and Travel center offers Colorado Lift tickets, Great Wolf Lodge discounts and Quarterage Hotel and Spa to name a few. There are deals to be had and tickets to be bought at the Leisure and Travel center you just have to call and ask them. You can contact them at (785)239-5614  or (785)239-4415. They are located at 6918 Trooper Drive. Hours – Mon-Fri: 10:00am-5:00pm Sat, Sun, and Holidays: Closed